What is Financial Wellness?

Managing your overall financial wellness is key to being successful in saving for retirement. If your defined contribution savings have forced you into credit card debt, are you any better off? Those bills still need to be paid at some point. If you buy a home in your 60’s but can only afford it because you have to take out a sizeable thirty year mortgage are you really any wealthier? These are fundamental questions that most of us don’t get time to ask ourselves because we are too busy with the day to day minutiae of life.

Reviewing your budget, assessing debt levels, and saving at sustainable levels is all part of your financial wellness. With a number of great tools available for free via the internet, the only true obstacle is time. If you are a QP Consulting client via an employer plan, please utilize the financial wellness portal we have created for you and your fellow employees. If you have questions on any of the content, please don’t hesitate to reach out.