Controlling the uncontrollable: Part V

#4 Longevity

How long you live and are able to earn is another item that obviously you don’t have 100% control over.  Diet, exercise, medical care and good genes all have a say.  To increase the likelihood of your earnings power and longevity in the work force, it is imperative to practice good health habits as well as good financial habits.

Now while typing this I am simultaneously laughing a bit.  I have meant to start my stretching and abdominal workout for the better part of ten years.  It still hasn’t happened.  Finding those habits that allow you to be successful little by little are the key however.  Working on portion control, making sure you take advantage of your annual check-up (and following the Doctors recommendations), walking a bit more, limit or eliminate bad behavior, all can add to your longevity in the workplace.  #401k, #403b, #457b